Why do I need an HHO Generator Kit?

 HHO generators                                 oxy hydrogen

An HHO Generator SAVES Money, IMPROVES the Environment,

CLEANS Your Engine, & INCREASES Horsepower!!


.Are HHO Generator Kits too good to be true??

My first introduction to HHO technology was from an episode of Mythbusters.  They partially busted HHO by proving it nearly impossible to operate a vehicle with only a home built kit.

Okay, so nobody has developed a safe on-demand system to completely remove the need for gasoline or diesel, but what about improving what is already there?  Being the optimist I am, I started digging deep into the world of HHO (oxyhydrogen) generators.

So, what did I find? I found that quality Oxyhydrogen generator kits are designed to improve fuel efficiency by 20-50% on average with some vehicles achieving an 80-110% increase!!  I spend about $1000 a month on fuel for my Jeep, so if I can improve fuel efficiency by only 20%, that is a savings of $200 per month…Heck yeah!  The average “professional” kit costs between $400 and $700, meaning you get your investment back in at least 2 months.  

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for my 2010 Jeep JK Unlimited?

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Water for fuel access

In Addition to fuel savings, every vehicle realized an increase of about 2-10% in horsepower and SIGNIFICANT reduction in emissions.  The reason for less emissions makes perfect sense, because the introduction of Oxyhydrogen to the fuel/air mixture acts as a catalyst for the fuel, causing more of the fuel to “burn” (instead of being wasted as dark, harmful emissions).   Higher fuel percentage burned = more energy, energy moves your vehicle, thus requiring less fuel to do the same amount of work before introducing HHO.

Did  you know that the average combustion engine only burns/uses 20% of the fuel that gets dumped into it?  This is why emissions or “greenhouse” gases are such a problem; the other 80% gets transferred as heat, sticky black carbon (like you see inside the muffler and tail-pipe) and gaseous toxins, known as emissions.                                          hho generator green fuel
HHO Generator click here

Because less wasted fuel/black carbon is being introduced into your engine, your engine is naturally going to be cleaner, improving its lifespan, requiring less oil changes.  I know we all hate to waste time getting an oil change or doing it yourself and finding a place to dumb it :-/

BUT, does this technology actually work as advertised?  Lets look first at those who have tried to prove the technology as “busted”.  Much like “Computers will NEVER be in average people’s homes, they will ONLY be used in Government and Universities”….  Haha, Riiiight….


As you can see from the video, Mythbusters did NOT bust the technology, they were asking the WRONG question.  HHO Generators are designed to IMPROVE fuel efficiency, they are NOT designed to replace fuel….Yet.


Even Popular Mechanics did a POOR job trying to “bust” the technology with a write-up in 2009 .  I encourage you to read the article yourself.  Both sides of any story or theory are important. Once again, the “testing” was done with a poorly made kit without the advise of a professional.  

In response to that article, Bob Volk, owner of Transitional Technologies, LLC (who you will read more about below) wrote a letter to Mike Allen, the senior editor of Popular Mechanics.  Mr. Volk publicly challenged Mr. Allen to run his test again with a professionally made kit from his company, also known as HHO Kits Direct.  

Mr. Volk even offered to send Mr. Allen a free kit to any location Mr. Allen desired, as long as Bob could be present ONLY for quality assurance reasons.  To this day, Mr. Allen has not accepted or replied to Mr. Bob Volk’s challenge.  

HHO Kits Direct has consistent Proven results, incredible customer service, and Complete Warranty on all HHO Generator Kits….


I personally purchased an HHO Kit froHHO Kits Direct. They sell 1000′s of kits worldwide, offer a great warranty, & include personal purchase and install assistance. 

Their attention to detail saved me time and money by informing me I had an additional item in my “shopping cart” that was not needed for my vehicle!! That is the kind of integrity and customer service I always look for!

Complete hho generator kit

A few days later, the kit arrived at my doorstep…..

……And how did it work in my 2010 Jeep JK??  

Well, I don’t know yet ;-(


I got busy with the purchase of a new home and getting married.  A couple months later I deployed back to Afghanistan, which is where I sit as I’m writing this.  Just to add to the craziness, we found out the day before I deployed we are having our first child!!  Totally stoked, but now I have to find some downtime to finally install my hydroxy kit.

When I get back to the states I’ll add some videos of the process.  First, the unpacking of the kit and then the install along with before and after results.

Why write a blog advertising their product before using it?!  That is a good question.  I was so impressed with the customer service and professionalism I decided to contact Bob Volk himself, the creator and owner of Transitional Technologies.  Guess what?  He actually took time to respond and answer my questions.  You can read more about him by clicking this link.  After speaking with him and reviewing his multiple successful results, I knew this was a guy I could trust.

His company has gone international with its orders, but keeps the “small” company feel with sincerity and integrity.  His passion is with RND (research and development), always finding ways to improve the product.  Just look at the progress he has already made below……

See the emissions results below, or look at the before & after MPG results

(All results produced from the kits manufactured by HHO Kits Direct)


green fuel example, hydrogen generator

2009 Hyundai Genesis with a 3.8 L motor has gone from 22 mpg to 40.65 mpg,



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What is an HHO Generator Kit?

An HHO Generator Kit improves fuel consumption within the vehicle you already own, whether it’s gasoline, diesel, old, new, small or large.  


The on-demand system adds a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen gases separated from the H2O molecule to your air intake.  This improves fuel combustion in your engine.  Similar to a K&N Cold Air Intake improves combustion, but with MUCH better results!


Improved combustion means less fuel is needed to power your vehicle, saving about 20-40% on average, up to 100% each time you fill up!


 Better yet, on-demand HHO reduces harmful exhaust emissions by an astounding 80%!!…. My favorite result because I’m an avid outdoorsman wanting to do my part in saving the planet.

For more information on HHO (Hydroxy) click here.

How does an HHO Kit work?

The average combustion engine only use about 20% of the fuel you dump into it efficiently.  The catalytic converter burns some of the left over fuel while the rest is left as black hydrocarbon in your exhaust and expelled into the atmosphere as emissions.  


HHO Generators do not replace gasoline/diesel with hydrogen and oxygen (known as HHO), instead they improve the combustion process that is already happening.  Similar to blowing on a campfire, allowing it to burn faster & hotter.


Water is converted to hydrogen & oxygen gases simply and safely through electrolysis powered by your battery, the gasses are then guided through a small hose and mixed with the air coming into your engine.  


Instead of releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, water converted into HHO is released back into the atmosphere as water vapor.  Water-in & water-out…. Safe and renewable.  (One bottle of water will last a few hundred miles).


What is your Carbon Footprint?

What is your Carbon Footprint?


Will an HHO Kit Void my Warranty?

HHO Generator kits do NOT void your warranty, you ARE allowed to enhance your engine, not modify it, there is a difference.


The kit can always be removed very easily if you want to avoid questions from your dealership.  In fact, a kit from HHO Kits Direct comes with a full 3 year warranty and lifetime customer service!!


Where can I buy an HHO Kit?

 The same place I bought my kit….There are a few companies that manufacture and provide all the necessary equipment and instructions.  


PunchHHO.com offers quality DIY dry-cell instructions, for those who like a challenge.  


I personally like the idea of paying a little extra for a professionally built kit that I know is safe, tested and easy to install with customer service technicians on call.  


HHO Kits Direct comes out on top for overall quality, price, warranty, customer service & they are the only company using advanced dry-cell & wet-cell combined kits, offering the best of both worlds…..


Do your own research, the technology is advancing all the time.  HHO Kits Direct has a research facility developing ways to improve HHO technology further, WITHOUT charging $1000-$2500 per kit like other “professional” companies do!


PLEASE contact me with any discoveries of other legit companies developing HHO technology.  I would love to review, research, and test new and promising products. 



There are hundreds of do-it-yourself kits being advertised and pre-built kits made in garages. Some kits are marginal at best, but most are cheap, dangerous, don’t perform well, and do not come with replacement parts or warranty’s.


If you want to build your own HHO Generator Kit, then use Punch HHO.  Most DIY kits are like the knock-off watches I used to buy in the Middle East when I was in the military, they look good and work for a few weeks, and sometimes a few months….But NEVER last beyond a year and can’t be returned.


For more information about HHO Generator Kits, I urge you to look through the rest of my website, research elsewhere, and always feel free to ask questions…. I will respond.  

This site is still in work and expanding in content all the time,  tell us what you want to see………. GO GREEN or GO HOME!

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**Side Note:  Experimenting with alcohol as a fuel additive is cool, but make sure it goes into the vehicle and NOT down your throat and then drive…. If you drink and drive in the Denver area, you better have a good criminal defense attorney, because if you hit someone, they will most likely have a great car accident attorney  ;-p