Was Mythbusters HHO test a bust?!


Mythbusters hhoNot exactly……  Mythbusters tried to bust this myth but were not successful in doing so.

What did they bust?  Our fun, smart, lovable guys at Mythbusters…..Jamie and Adam had a great time building a homemade hydrogen generator kit from parts found at Home Depot or the like.  They only proved that your vehicle cannot “exclusively” run on a homemade kits.


There are 2 reasons for this:

First, nobody is claiming they have a homebuilt kit capable of operating your car exclusively on water……YET!…..  The kits on the market are designed only to improve your mpg’s, power, and emissions by acting as a “fuel catalyst”.

Second, The Mythbusters HHO kit was a cheap homebuilt from second rate instructions. Successful HHO Kits are built with better technology and quality products, like the professionally manufactured hho kits found at HHO Kits Direct.  Their kits are precision built and encompass both wet and dry-cell technology, optimizing the best of both worlds.

HHO Kits Direct has set the customer up for success with all the parts needed, including the necessary computer chips and tuning instructions needed for all associated vehicles.  Any general auto mechanic or car geek can help you out with this, and usually for the cost of a case of their favorite beer!

Did Mythbusters bust HHO Generators?



What did Mythbusters prove?  

Adam and Jamie did prove that your car can cleanly run on  hydrogen gas alone, IF you can provide enough flow and of course the associated safety equipment to prevent a backfire, such as a backfire-arrestor and a bubbler (which comes with all of HHO Direct’s Kits).  Again, a properly built and installed HHO system acts as a fuel catalyst, enabling the your vehicle’s fuel to burn cleaner and more efficiently.

For more information about how an HHO Generator works <<<<Click HERE>>>> 


            This is from YouTube member….. HHOSportTrac

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