HHO Powered Aircraft

Pure Energy Systems wants to put an HHO (Hydroxy) System

in a Private Aircraft!

“A company in Montana is looking for an experimental plane on which they could install their hydroxy system to demonstrate the efficacy of their electrolysis and injection timing breakthrough that leads to amazing fuel economy and boosting of horsepower while reducing emissions as a HHO Powered Aircraft.”

May 21, 2012 6:54 AM Update from Company:

The current situations is that we will not get to accomplish this prior to the June 5 Primary Elections – to which as I think I told you – I was hoping to get some press for my friend – who is running for Governor.

Therefore – I will be using my own plane – some time after this date – and you can pull the request down…. But I thank you for your efforts – and to which I believe we may be doing something later – with ***  – over in Arkansas.

I will keep you posted on developments – as they progress.



Could your experimental plane be the one they select?

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News 

This story is directed to anyone out there in our audience who is interest in making aviation history with an HHO Powered Aircraft, not to mention breakthrough energy history.

A group up in Montana has a hydroxy system that gives amazing results in improving mileage and horsepower and reducing emissions. I mentioned them in our story yesterday about launching the www.EnergyNEST.org website, saying:

“The third is an HHO technology that does amazing things to engine mileage, emissions, horsepower and performance, to levels previously unheard of — in any industry — with a quick payback period. Though they are well connected, intelligent, and professional, they are also interested in seeing how NEST might help bring their technology to market. NEST inventor coordinator, and former aerospace engineer, James Schmidt of Colorado said: “If we told you what we’ve had reported to us, you wouldn’t believe it, but they have university-derived dynamometer evidence to back up their claims, which they actually downplay.” “We heard about it from one of their customers,” added Keith Kowalczyk, a screenwriter from Holly wood who will be running NEST’s Facebook page as well as writing for us here at PESN. He wants to install one on one of his muscle cars as part of PESN’s coverage.”

When speaking to a person from that group this morning, he said he is hoping to talk one of his celebrity friends (who manages one of the most-used websites on the planet) into applying one of their hydroxy systems to run one of his planes on hydrogen…. Indeed, that would be great, especially having the celebrity factor included. I encouraged him to pursue that.

But at the same time, I suggested that things might move a little faster if he went with one of our readers. Our readership generally is filled with people who are already knowledgeable about such systems (water as fuel) and are mostly supportive of the concept, so the mental hurdle is already surpassed.

So he agreed to let me approach you. What he is looking for is an airplane that has a fuel-injected engine (so they can control the firing time with a programmed Volo chip). Also, it should be classified as an “experimental aircraft”, which doesn’t have restrictions on making such modifications. He also used the term “perfect platform airplane”. And it should have data collection capability.

The cell is ready to be installed. They just need the plane to put it in.

The purpose would be to provide a very convincing demonstration, with the flight path documented by air traffic control (or whatever it’s called), with before and after petrol levels carefully measured.

If the system works, then you can pay for the unit, and leave with a smile on your face, knowing 1) you just made aviation history, 2) you are going to be saving a lot of money on fuel, 3) you just became a celebrity as opposed to watching a celebrity do the same thing.

If you are willing to be considered for this, email your specs and bio to HHO-betaplane@energynest.org

Of course, this won’t be the only demonstration they do. It will just be another to add to their list of credentials.

The HHO system installed in the back of a Camaro that then was clocked at 256 mph, and could have gone faster but the exterior metal was beginning to ripple.

While I’m on the subject, I should mention that when I was talking about this on the Smart Scare crow show last Thursday, I said something about the horsepower of a Camaro going from 350 HP to 900 HP. (The guy I talked to today asked me to just say 700, which is hard enough to believe.) In asking the company about what that much of a boost of HP would do to a vehicle that wasn’t engineered for that much power, I was told that the engine actually runs much smoother because of the synergistic nature of the fuel and how it is burned.

Well, today, while I was out with the family, taking my boy to a haircut while the girls were taking dance photos, we passed by a malt shop that had around a dozen parked Camaro’s. I stopped and took some photos, then had a couple of my daughters, whose costumes fit the context, pose with one of the cars.”