How to Install an HHO Kit

The kit you decide to purchase will include detailed instructions 

specifically for that kit.  Below is a basic idea of what to expect


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 green fuel with browns gas

  • There is no “correct” install procedure because every vehicle is obviously different.  I have a 1980 Jeep CJ-7 that has plenty of installation room under the hood.  however, our Jeep Grand Cherokee has little to no room for an installation at first glance.  Creativity is key.


  • The most common location is between their front bumper and radiator, or if needed, lots of people with space issues have installed the generator in the wheel well or inside the cabin hidden by the dash.  This is where you need to be creative if you have a newer vehicle and little room.
  • Install your HHO Generator with the supplied hardware as close to the engine’s intake air box as possible.  For optimum results you want to keep the hose as short as possible.  In other words, don’t install it in your trunk and run a hose all the way to your intake. Keep the HHO Generator itself as far away as possible from heat sources like the engine exhaust manifold.  Install an insulator wall between your generator and the heat source if needed.


  • Connect the black wire to the negative terminal on your battery or a solid ground, such as the engine block or frame.


  • Connect the red wire to a “switched” power source (one that’s only active when the car is on, ignition switch is recommended).  Alternator output and fuel pump relays are all usable switched power sources if you install a manual switch inside the cab instead of slicing into your ignition switch.


  • Connect the rubber outlet tube to an unused vacuum port on the engine. Vacuum tube locations will vary depending on the vehicle; you may need to install a T-fitting to splice into a functional vacuum port if there are no unused locations.  Your kit should include a T-fitting


  • Connect the HHO tube to the generator output. Fill the generator cell with purified water to 1 inch from the top.


  • If your kit includes a reservoir, fill that with distilled water to the level specified by your manual.  Test installation by starting the engine and checking for bubble production in the cell. The water in a working cell will fizz or bubble when the engine is running and you are properly connected to your power source.


  • Depending on the year and make of your vehicle, you will probably need to add a MAF sensor or EFIE chip for optimum results.  The two recommended kit manufacturers below will help you chose the correct add-on and provide detailed install manuals.


  • The installation of an HHO Generator will NOT invalidate your vehicles warranty, and can easily be removed if your not satisfied or prefer to transfer the kit to a different vehicle.


*Caution: An electrolyte additive is recommended for optimum electrolysis, however, refer to your instruction manual for the recommended electrolyte and mixing ratio to water.  Adding more than suggested may overheat the unit and cause improper function.


**For more detailed instruction and live customer service on how to install a Hydroxy Generator Kit, click on the link below…

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