Get Paid for my HHO Kit Install ???

Go Green & Get Paid!

Go Green & Get Paid!


For a limited time only….

We will PAY YOU $100 when you buy a new HHO Kit!!





Rules for Payment:


  • Must be a kit purchased from HHO Kits Direct (for the use of additional proven results) via the following link….. Click Here


  • You must create a short video of the install, with before and after results.  (About 2-5 minutes in length after editing is plenty)


  • We ask that you document your average MPG’s before the install, then again after the install…. Documenting a before and after Emissions test would be a bonus!


  • Then simply contact us at and GET PAID!!


*BONUS:  We will feature the best video submission on our homepage!



***Select videos will be posted on our site and possibly YouTube.  All videos must be appropriate for all audiences & meet the qualification rules mentioned above.