Who is Stanley Meyer?


Stanley Allen Meyer

Stanley Allen Meyer


     Stanley Allen Meyer is often referred to as the inventor of the “Water Fuel Cell”, a fuel cell that produces enough oxyhydrogen to fuel a combustible engine solely on water. 

His fuel cell purportedly splits water into its elemental hydrogen & oxygen using electricity by a method other than simple electrolysis.  The technology this website is based on, uses the traditional form of electrolysis and aids in making current fuel combustion more efficient, rather than replacing the fuel, as claimed by Stanley’s invention.      


     Meyer claimed his dune buggy, powered by the Water Fuel Cell invention could travel from Los Angeles to New York City using only 22 gallons of water.   Water was subjected to an electrical resonance, converting it into the basic elemental oxygen & hydrogen gases, then injected into the engine via “injectors” that replaced spark plugs.  The gases would then combust back into water vapor as exhaust.


     Without detailed documented proof, it seems as though Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell technology violates the first and second Laws of thermodynamics.  Unfortunately Meyer died suddenly on March 21, 1998 after dining at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Ohio.  An autopsy by the Ohio coroner concluded he had died from a cerebral aneurysm, but many conspiracy theorists make strong claims that he was poisoned in an attempt to stop the advancement of his technology.  The theorists claim that big oil companies and the US Government were involved.


Stanley Meyers Water Powered Car

Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell was NOT and is NOT the HHO this website is based on.  HHO Kits do not violate the Laws of Thermodynamics as claimed by the select few whom make judgments before educating themselves about the technology. 


HHO technology as we all know it does not claim to increase fuel efficiency by replacing traditional fuel, but rather allows the fuel to burn more completely as a catalyst, improving efficiency and producing less waste (emissions). 


Despite the Ohio court ruling in 1996, finding Stanley Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell technology as fraudulent; he remains a key pioneer in the advancement of HHO technology as we know it today.  His passion for a clean alternative fuel has inspired others to continue the improvement of HHO technology. 


Did Stanley Meyer actually invent a new fuel cell capable of operating a combustible engine solely on water and was he in fact poisoned after not accepting large bribes urging him to stop the advancement of his invention?  We may never know for sure; however, our continued search for an efficient “oil independent” fuel must go on.  We can still do our part until that day comes by installing an HHO kit into all of our vehicles, increasing current fuel efficiency and more importantly, reducing harmful emissions.