HHO – How do HHO Generator Kits work?

What is HHO Hydroxy? 


This technology has been around since Dutch scientist Martinus van Marum discovered the new combustible gas in 1776.  And has been perfected by individuals and private companies ever since.

The government will not invest into improving HHO technology until they can find a way to  heavily tax it. Thus, reasoning why big car manufacturers do not use the technology.  Do you really think we could find a way to land on the moon 10 years after JFK’s promise, but not effectively produce vehicles to get 100+ mpg in the last 100 years?!….Wake Up!!

Disclaimer:  I do not manufacture or sell any kits myself, nor do my following comments represent that of anybody else.  This is a subject I have researched because I am passionate about giving you the necessary tools to help the environment and save money.

What is a HHO Generator? : 

A hydrogen generator delivers a small amount of electrified hydrogen & oxygen gas into the intake of your engine.  It mixes with the fuel to improve combustion.



HHO gas technology takes in water, creates massive amounts of energy and reverts back to pure water.  Water vapor is released into the atmosphere instead of harmful emissions.

Current combustion engines (like the one already in your vehicle) are only 15-20% efficient; most of the gas you pay for end up as un-burnt hydrocarbons, necessitating the catalytic converter to try and remove the toxins from the emissions. With a HHO system, most people report a sweet, ozone smell at the exhaust (water vapor).

HHO gas has a lower ignition point and burns at higher temps, the energy it releases at the beginning of the combustion process also increases combustion of other fuels in the cylinder.  This process causes your engine to run more efficiently, at a lower temperature, enabling you to drive further with less fuel and emissions.

It is not just hydrogen being used to increase fuel efficiency, but also oxygen gases improving the efficiency of gasoline combustion….Therefore, the Laws of Thermodynamics are NOT being violated.


Why install an HHO Generator in my car?

The correct answer is…WHY NOT?!  Aside from the reasons below, pre-built HHO Kits are EASY TO INSTALL and you can feel good about SAVING MONEY and HELPING OUR ENVIRONMENT at the same time!

  • Go further on one tank of gas                    
  • CLEANER Exhaust
  • Will not harm your engine
  • No modification to your motor
  • Will not Freeze
  • EASY to install
  • PROVEN Success…… Keep reading to see the proven results!!
  • Up to a $1000 IRS Tax Deduction on your purchase
See this News video below reviewing a company that market’s to Semi Trucks called Jetstar.  These units cost in upwards of $10,000 each, however the systems for smaller vehicles can be had for less than $500 and often produce better results……

How SAFE is HHO? : 

Very safe…..If you buy a pre-built kit from a reputable company.  HHO technology is an “on demand” system, there is not a holding tank of explosive gases like the government would rather you have.  Why does the government prefer on-board holding tanks?  So  they can build Hydrogen filling stations and charge tax when you fill-up.

Professionally built kits have multiple safety features built-in (such as a bubbler, fuses, a circuit breaker, and instruction for connecting the system to your ignition system…meaning the system turns off when your ignition is off) and are created from the highest quality products, such as surgical grade, corrosion resistant 316L grade steel..  HHO Generators are safe for the environment too.  The byproduct of HHO is water vapor!

If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for me!

Hydrogen is high in energy, and easily obtained through electrolysis of water….Yet an engine that burns pure hydrogen produces almost no pollution. NASA has used liquid hydrogen since the 1970s to propel the space shuttle and other rockets into orbit.

Hydrogen fuel cells power the shuttle’s electrical systems, producing a clean byproduct of pure water, which the crew drinks.  Because HHO is an on-demand system, there is no dangerous compression or storage of hydrogen.  I

Which pre-built HHO Kit do I invest in? : 

There are a lot of individuals and a few companies manufacturing, engineering and selling pre-built kits ranging from $249 to $1900 and individuals selling e-books telling you how to make your own for $200 or less….. If that sounds appealing to you, (which to me, sounds fun) do so at your own risk and don’t expect great results.

After researching the top companies, I have found only one company that sells a quality product at a very fair price that can live up to my high standards with PROVEN RESULTS …..These standards are coming from someone who works for a company that engineers & develops the most advanced technological systems in the world for the US Military and NASA….That someone is yours truly and I don’t tolerate cheap imitations or shady business practices.

The company I am recommending however is Transitional Technologies, LLC.  Their HHO kits are of the BEST QUALITY, have the highest PROVEN results, impeccable customer service, & very reasonable prices and INTEGRITY to boot!  Transitional Technology, LLC’s customers averaged an increase of MPG’s between 30 – 85%, with a few vehicles resulting in mpg increases well over 100%, such as a 1997 Oldsmobile Delta 88.  Take a look at their site and see for yourself.

IT BOILS DOWN TO THE FACTS PEOPLE!! HHO generators provide lower emissions, increased gas mileage and clean up the old sludge and carbon from the inside of the engine.  This Emission’s Report doesn’t lie, as reported by HHO Kits Direct…..

green fuel example, hydrogen generator
2009 Hyundai Genesis with a 3.8 L motor has gone from 22 mpg to 40.65 mpg, along with the decreased emissions after an HHO Kit Install
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******Stay tuned for more information and articles about the good, the bad and the better of Hydrogen Generators, including follow-up reviews to other up-and-coming HHO companies.  This field is growing rapidly and the technology becoming more efficient.   “Do unto others, the way you want others to do unto you”.

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